Why Just Lawns ?

Just Lawns offer a total, professional lawn care program tailored to suit your lawn, your lifestyle and your budget. This applies whether you require just a once-off lawnmowing or long grass slashing service, to a complete lawn rejuvenation and maintenance program. 

Just Lawns are able to offer packages which include:

  Cutting lawns and edges with top of the range professional equipment.

  Reticulation systems checking on a regular basis with any small issues such as blocked or faulty sprinklers repaired before they become bigger issues.

  Fertilising with low phosphate fertilisers to allow for a steady supply of nutrients and trace elements into your lawn.

  Wetta soil treatments twice a year to keep water where it belongs, in the root system. This is important with the current watering restrictions.

  Vertimowing and coring to improve your lawn’s drought tolerance and promote lush new growth. 

  Weed and pest spraying services to help maintain a green, healthy lawn.

With over 20 years’ experience in the lawn care industry, including installation and maintenance of all types of lawns and reticulation systems in the South West region, Just Lawns are the professionals to trust with the ongoing care and maintenance of your lawn.  

Contact Steve today on 0404 660 868 to call out and discuss your requirements and get a FREE quote for the ongoing maintenance of your lawn.



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